Medical Examination

Playing doctor

It is the adult version of “playing doctor” that goes beyond just wearing a kinky nurse’s uniform. Some types of play are risky and require more medical skills and/or knowledge. How far you go is something you ultimately decide together. MISTRESS AZALEA is professionally trained physician.

Exciting doctor’s game

Even without specific actions, you can set up an exciting doctor’s game. After all, the patient must be examined from top to bottom. Is everything functioning as desired? Or do certain parts need additional examination. You can use masks, blindfolds, mouth probes/gags, clamps, ropes, straitjackets, you name it during the game. But also consider using a wheel of pain, and hammers to test reflexes. However, always keep in mind that “FEAR” is the most important emotion in nursing. And that sometimes makes nursing a bit tricky. Because how do you recognize from your sub when the fear becomes too great? So keep a close eye on the sub during the experience and keep checking how his experience is.




In nursing, too, the basis lies in powerlessness. The doctor/nurse has the dominant role and the patient who has to undergo all kinds of actions from the strict doctor is the submissive one. Clothing can play an important role in this. Think latex gloves, a mouth mask, a sexy uniform or sterile white doctor’s coat. The right clothing definitely enhances the experience. Nursing is all about tension, fear, uncertainty, powerlessness. Your Mistress is dressed in Latex and you are tied to the examintion bed. You will love it slave!


Because of my years of bdsm experience, broad bdsm interest areas and psychology training, I understand all types of bdsm fetishes and interests. This allows me to guide beginners as well as advanced bdsm-ers in expanding their bdsm fetishes and possibilities. Some kinksters do not know in the beginning which fetishes suit them, and my goal is to help you find your ideal fantasy/fetish as quickly as possible, thus creating a list of interests with you. So before a session starts I can ask you special questions, after you have given me your do’s and dont’s, so that I know even better which bdsm session suits you best. Every Mistress approaches bdsm in a different way, so this is my way of approach.